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e-learning and education (eleed)

ISSN: 1860-7470

eleed is an international, scholarly, refereed open-access journal aiming at advancing trans-disciplinary knowledge in the field of e-learning. eleed is focusing on contributions unveiling new and proven insights into the interplay of e-learning technology and educational settings applied in academia, research, business, and industry.

eleed is seeking to strengthen the exchange of trans-disciplinary knowledge, especially between research and practice, through maintaining a platform for the dissemination and discussion of research articles, survey articles, project reports of general interest, tool and book reviews, and summaries of dissertations in the field of e-learning.

The journal pursues the highest standards in electronic scholarly publishing through strict quality control implemented by its editorial board and its international reviewers. Upon successful evaluation and acceptance, contributions are immediately published in the Preview section, and will be included in the next issue.

All articles are published under the Digital-Peer-Publishing-Lizence (DPPL), which both ensures free distribution and secures the author's rights that no content is modified or reused without citing the names of authors and holders of rights and the bibliographical information used. Additionally, the rights to use in physical form, particularly the rights to distribute the work in printed form or on storage media, are retained by the authors or other rights holders and are not covered by this licence.


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